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Novy, the Belgian manufacturer of cooker hoods has a long history. Located in Kuurne, Belgium, employing 210 people. Thanks to the high quality of its products, the Belgian manufacturer is market leader in its country. Novy was able to expand upon this position thanks to the patented perimeter extraction technology, silencer and the high quality of the products. Today, Novy is extending its ambassadorship of Belgian quality and durability abroad. And with great success.

Hillaire Lannoy 1907

1907:Hillaire Lannoy, founder of the company starts, as a cyclist, his own bikeshop in Kortijk.

Koersfiets NovyAfter his carreer as a racing cyclist Hilaire Lannoy starts with an own production of bicycles. The bikes get the band name "Yonnal", the reverse of his name.



Triporteur Novy

The delivery tricycle made business in the city easier. After a while this tricycle got an engine and served even better.

Motorfietsen Novy

Later in time the range was expanded with mopeds, these mopeds were dessined by Yonnal  and equipped with the well-known Sachs, Villiers or Jlo motors.


Eerste Novy dampkap

1964 meant for almost all the Belgian manufactures the of the motorbike. On one hand the small cars made their introduction and on the other hand the competition out of Japan was huge.

Because the factory had all the knowledge and technology to treat plating, the decision was made to convert the factory to the production of a totally new product: the cooker hood. In 1965 the first cookerhoods were manufactured.

Andere inbouwtoestellen

In 1968,  after a fast growth of the sales of cooker hoods, also other kitchen appliances are introduced in the Novy range. There is a focus on built-in appliances for the high-end kitchens.


Opbouw nieuwe fabriek Novy

Due to the success of the cooker hoods, a new factory was build to improve the efficiency of the production.




In 1973 peripheral extraction was developed at Novy. This revolutionary technology extracts the cooking vapeurs all over the surface. The small opening along the sides is created by a casing that covers the grease filters. Through this opening the vapeurs are evacuated with an efficiency of 95%.
Every Novy cookerhood is base don this technologie.

Silence was equally important as efficiency for a cooker hood, that’s why Novy developed in 1974 a technique for a silencer.
Novy cooker hoods are equiped with a silencer, a specially developped fan and a very stable motor casing. This makes the Novy cooker hoods the most silent hoods available on the market today.




2006 Launch of  Pure'line, At "Interieur 06", the design fair in Kortrijk, the first Pure'line was presented to the public. This built-in unit can be placed seamlessly into suspended ceilings.


A hood can be something more than a kitchen appliance, Novy introduced Zen at the German professional fair “Focus Küche & Bad” in 2009. Zen, a recirculation cooker hood that combines design, lightning and efficiency in an attractive combination.


UP_SIDE by Novy

With UP_SIDE, Novy releases in 2011 a downdraft, that works on 2 levels. UP_SIDE makes the difference because of its smart design, the simplicity in command and the smooth lining.