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Why Novy?

The kitchen is more than ever a livingspace. It became a central space in the house, where pleasant moments come to place. The silent Novy cookerhoods offer you a place to relax, talk, taste and smell. In short; the kitchen is a place to enjoy.

Very silent cookerhoods

Heel stille dampkappen When developping a new cooker hood silence is a central theme at Novy. Choices in design and technology are focussed to find the right result: a silent cooker hood. The special silencer absorbes the motor and vibration sounds to a minimum. The high and medium frequences, experienced by the human ear as irritating, are reduced to an utmost minimum. In addition, the double-walled bottom plate ensures further sound insulation.

Soundpower and pressure
The soundlevels of Novy cookerhoods are indicated following the European standard EN 6704-2-13. 2 values are mentioned:
- Soundpower (Lw): mesured directly at the source.
- Soundpressure (Lp): mesured at a certain distance from the source. This gives the most realistic soundperception. For Novy this distance is 1m.

Efficient removal of odeurs and greases, in all situations.

Efficiënte verwijdering van geuren en vettenBecause of the unique technique of peripheral extraction, the cooking fumes are extracted at the borders.

It creates an efficiënt exhaust of the fumes over the compleet cooking surface.
The grease filter in a Novy cooker hood filters very efficiently the grease out of the fumes.
In case of recirculation an extra filter (Monoblock filter) is added to filter the fumes from odeurs.


A Novy cookerhood for every situation
Novy cookerhoods offer a solution for every situation from design point of view, installation and extraction.


  • Built-in unit: Integrated in a suspended ceiling or a lowered construction.  
  • Telescopic hood: Installed under a cabinet, the moment you pull out the telescopic piece, the hood starts to function.
  • Recirculation hood: Installed when external extraction isn’t possible. All Novy cooker hoods can be eqquipped with a recirculation set.   
  • Classic hood: Installed under a cabinet, everything is in the hood itself, you don’t need any space in the cabinet.
  • Integrated hood: Installed against a special cabinet door, by pulling the door the hood starts to work.   
  • Decorative hood: Installed against the wall or hanging from a ceiling.
  • Downdraft: Installed in the table top, fonctions at 2 levels low for a frying pan or teppan yaki or high for higher pots.


Novy Duurzaamheid

Novy cookerhoods are developed to have the same lifespan as your kitchen. That’s why no concessions are made on quality of raw material and other supplies needed for production: from the stainless steel to the motor, all elements make a Novy cookerhood the qualitative product that it is.