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Each zone has its own Power function, which boosts power considerably. This function is ideal for boiling large quantities of water, for example.

Keep warm function

The keep warm function makes it very easy to maintain a constant temperature of 70°C (or 95°C on specific models).


Bridge function

The Bridge function allows you to link two adjoining zones so that you can control them in one movement. Very handy for large pots and pans.

Stop & Go

Stop & Go can make sure that the power supply can be temporarily switched off. If you touch this control within 10 minutes, all the previously set levels are reinstated.

Cooking zone layout

Cooking zone layout, zones of different power and sizes.

Cooking zone layout

Cooking zone layout, large, identical and powerful cooking zones for great flexibility.

Cooking zone layout

Cooking zone layout, with octagonal zones for maximum flexibility and cooking area.

Cooker hoods with a motor (direct extraction)

The most common model is a cooker hood with an exhaust to the outside.

Remote control

All Zen and ceiling units come with a remote control, the other cooker hoods can also be fitted with them, by ordering an extra kit.


InTouch (unique to Novy) allows you to control your Novy cooker hood from your Novy induction hob.

Design filter

A filter with a modern and elegant design.

Edge extraction

Placing a bottom plate under the cooker hood concentrates the extraction around the edges. This small gap speeds up the extraction. The smaller the area, the faster the airflow. This acceleration enhances the efficiency of the extraction system.

Cubic Motor

A square motor housing which can be installed remotely. The housing can be turned in any direction so that the exhaust direction can be chosen depending on the situation. This motor is designed for inside use.

Click & Fix

A simple construction using a click system whereby the Pure’line can be clicked into a false ceiling, after which only 4 screws need to be tightened.


Sometimes a cooker hood with an external exhaust isn’t possible for technical reasons or isn’t permitted. A recirculation cooker hood is one which returns the filtered cooking fumes back into the room. The grease in the fumes is filtered by the grease filter and the odours are absorbed by a filter with activated carbon (a monoblock filter). Damp air is not eliminated in the filter, but can be removed by the room’s ventilation system. Most cooker hoods can be fitted with a recirculation accessory.


The Novy EcoSmart range: extra quiet, super-efficient, long-lasting and energy friendly products.