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Induction is todays way of cooking. Speed, comfort and security are the basic caracteristiques for this technology.

A magnetic field is generated under the cooking zone and the developed energy is converted into heat in the bottom of the pan. It’s not the hob itself that heats up, but just the pan.
Cooking gets 2 till 3 times faster with this technology compairing to electric or gas hobs.


Immediat heat, immediat cool down
The cooking zones react instantly to every increase or decrease of power. As soon as the cooking zones are turned-off, the warmth development stops immediatly.

If you take away the casserole, there is only contact heat. The rest heat cools down very fast.
Without a casserole the cooking zone doesn’t even heat up.

Easy to clean
Induction hobs are manufactured from very clean-friendly vitroceramic glass.

-  Indication rest-heat
-  Security against overheating
-  Locking function
-  Boil-over security
-  Security switch-off (after some minutes, if nothing has put on the hob, it will switch off automatically)
-  Child protection

Flat-edge or Flush mouth
All models can be installed flat-edge as wel as flush-mouth.

InTouch offers the possibility to command your Novy cookerhood from your Novy Induction hob.
Discover InTouch and its benefits.

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