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Novy Characteristics

Double stainless steel bottom plate

The double stainless steel bottom plate is an extra sound absorber. And guides the fumes to the borders for the peripheral extraction.

Easy-close system

Because of the easy-close system, the hood can be fast and easily cleaned.

Peripheral extraction

The bottomplate concentrates the extraction at the borders. These narrowed openings fastens the extraction of fumes. How smaller the surface, how faster the airmovement. This acceleration stimulates the efficiency of the extracting system.
By using peripheral extraction you extract more than the fumes that go directly to the filters, the fumes that go sideways are captated also.

Stable engine frame

The stable engine frameconstruction neutralises the vibrating sound thanks to rubber "silent blocks" and the suspension on guide bearings. The combination of these 3 elements result into the Novy cooker hoods that are 50% more silent than the general cooker hood available.

Built-in silencer

The built-in silencer reduces the high and middel frequences that are experienced as irritating for the human earing.

Austenitic stainless steel

Every Novy decorative hood are finished in austenitic stainless steel. All material that has been used is from high end quality.

Efficient 7-layered grease filter

The grease filter, manufactured in 7 layers of aliminium in different densities, filters the air extremely efficient. It's placed right in front of the exhaust, to captate the maximum of grease. The grease filter is not visible when working, inflammable and easy to clean in the dishwasher or sink.