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About Novy

Quality Novy

Novy cooker hoods are manufactured in Kuurne, Belgium. No concessions are made in the area of quality. Novy only uses the highest quality of raw materials. Only the high-quality inox is good enough for Novy cooker hoods. A Novy cooker hood will last a lifetime.

Novy cookerhoods are developed to have the same lifespan as your kitchen. That’s why no concessions are made on quality of raw material and other supplies needed for production: from the stainless steel to the motor, all elements make a Novy cookerhood the qualitative product that it is.

Durability in the organisation

ESF label Novy The brand "Novy" stands for durability since 1969. The Novy cookerhood distinguishes itself because of the quality of the used materials, the strenght and timeless design.
Novy stands for durable undertaking, the goal is to create an ideal balance between profit, people and environment. By keeping the fabrication nearby, unncessary outsourcing and transportcosts are avoided, and the knowhow and craftmanship is kept close.
Since some years we have a policy of self-steering teams in our production proces, that leads to more involvement and pride with the co-workers.

Because of this type of organisation ESF granted us with their quality label that supports durable workenvironments.