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Tips & Tricks

To choose a cooker hood, it’s important to take some elements into consideration: your cooking habits, the lay-out  of your kitchen, the cooking surface, the kitchen surface. Novy has a solution for every situation. To help you choose and install, we like to give you soms tips&tricks:

  • The importance of good exhaust channels
  • How to install Pure’line correctly?
  • No exhaust without airsupply
  • The importance of correct utilisation

The importance of good exhaust channels

The most important thing is to take care of your exhaust channels, a flaw here can give a big loss in the efficiency and can create more noise.

Some elements can help you:

  • Respect the diameter of the exhaust of your cooker hood, don’t reduce this, a reduction can create more noise and a loss in efficiency.
  • Make soft curves, no 90° curves.
  • Use a tube that is smooth, if you use a flexible tube, you have to stretch it out really well and cut it by size.
  • When you use rectangular tubes, make sure they have an equivalent of airflow than the round tubes.

How to install Pure’line correctly?

  • Integrate in a suspended ceiling:
    Creates an airflow under the ceiling that brings the fumes from every direction into the hood. Also the sideway flows get extracted.
  • Integrate in a lowered construction and decorative chimney:
    When above the cooking surface a lowered construction in wood, MDF or plasterboard is made, the next points have to be taken into consideration:

    The lowered construction or decorative chimney:
    • has to be large enough in width and depth
    • needs a raised edge from 5 to 10cm.
    Cookingfumes expand by rising, that’s why the construction has to be wide and long enough at every side. The raised edge creates a better airflow and a smaller loss of fumes.


    At the long sides of a built-in unit are fixation clips, that fixates the unit in the cut out.

    Therefore it is important that the material has a thickness of 18-35 mm. You can never install directly into the plasterboard, a reinforcement (in wood) must be installed, so the fixation clips can clamp into the wood.

No exhaust without airsupply

A cooker hood functions perfectly when the extracted air can be replaced by fresh air. Poor airsupply results in a loss in efficiency. Make sure the room can be supplied by sufficient fresh air (trough a grid in a window, an open door, an open window, out of another room).

The importance of good utilisation

  • Activate your cooker hood in time before you start cooking and respect the delayed stop after cooking.
  • Clean at a regular base your grease filter, wij recommend to put it in the dishwasher once or twice a month.
  • If your hood is equiped with a monoblock filter, we recommend to respect the regeneration period. After 200 cookinghoures your hood will give a signal, the filter is saturated and has to be regenerated in your oven during 60 minutes at 120°C.
    After regenerating the monoblock filter will be as good as new. You can regenerate 12 times.

If you have more questions, your installer or Novy distributor will gladly help you further.
Contact your local distributor for more information.