Novy Worktop Up_Side 7903

Digita numero: 7903


Zone di cottura

Number of cooking zones

Etichetta energetica

Energy Efficiency class (EEIhood)
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/year) (AEChood)
Lighting Efficiency class (LEhood)
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency class (FDEhood)
Grease Filtering Efficiency class (GFEhood)

Funzioni e caratteristiche

Number of motors
Sound absorber
InTouch function
Auto stop
Delayed switch off
Delayed switch off (minutes)
Tower height (cm)
0, 11
Number of grease filters
Grease filter cleaning indication
Recirculation filter cleaning indication
Diameter duct (mm)

Funzioni e caratteristische cottura

Bridge activation
Bridge function
Grill function
Chef function
Pot move function
Automatic pan recognition
Keep warm function (°C)
Residual heat indication
Childproof lock
Pause function
Safety time-switch-off
Keep warm function (°C)



Product dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
Diameter outlet (mm)
Position exhaust

Flusso d'aria e livello di rumore

Free airflow (m³/h)
Airflow (m³/h) measured according to
Airflow duct out speed 1 (m³/h)
Airflow duct out speed 4 (m³/h)
Airflow duct out max powerspeed (m³/h) (Qboost)
Max pressure duct out at minimum speed (Pa)
Sound regulation according to
Sound power duct out speed 1 (dB(A))
Sound power duct out speed 4 (dB(A))
Sound power duct out at max powerspeed (dB(A)) (LWAboost)
Sound power duct out at minimum speed (dB(A)) (LWAmin)

Specifiche tecniche

Maximum power (W)
Voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
Length power supply cord (m)
Net weight (kg)