A recirculating cooker hood provides the ultimate in cooking pleasure

Thanks to your Novy recirculating range hood, you can now have all the joys of cooking without any of the annoying odours. The unique Pure technology replaces the complex extractor piping and gives you pure air in its place. With a recirculating range hood, you don’t need to compromise on design, comfort, or efficiency. On the contrary, a recirculating cooker hood noticeably brings calm to your kitchen.

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Pure design

The Pure technology can be used with any Novy cooker hood, which gives you total freedom to choose your ideal kitchen layout.


Pure comfort

This recirculating range hood eliminates persistent cooking odours while creating a pleasant atmosphere indoors.


Pure efficiency

A recirculating cooker hood is exceptionally energy efficient. It fully recycles heat, and this is something you will notice on your energy bill.

The secret to your cooker hood is its unique charcoal filter

We are constantly innovating, which is why we have recently updated our Pure heat recovery technology. The latest Pure filter is based on active charcoal beads supported by a labyrinth structure. This unique structure ensures that the charcoal filter in the cooker hood efficiently absorbs all odours. Did you know that the cooker hood can neutralise between 95% and 100% of even the most powerful odours?

Thanks to its special natural coating the Pure filter will last for up to 900 hours of cooking. This means that the charcoal filter in the cooker hood only needs replacing every 3 to 5 years, which is unique!

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How a Novy recirculating range hood works

Although the Pure technology comes as standard with several models, any Novy cooker hood can in fact be fitted with a charcoal filter. The recirculation box is discretely built into the ceiling or a cupboard. With worktop extractors, the recirculation box is tucked away in the plinth.


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When should you choose a recirculating cooker hood?

A recirculating range hood can only be combined with a ventilation system that is able to control the discharge of damp air. Recirculating cooker hoods are ideal for any kitchen layout and are frequently installed in kitchens that have a cooking island where it is often not possible to extract air outwards.

A selection of our cooker hoods with recirculation

How does Novy Pure 3.0 recirculation work ?