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Enjoy these fresh pineapple fritters

These pineapple fritters are a tasty end to a meal with friends or family, preferably served against the setting sun. This recipe was developed in...

We 💖 pineapple fritters.

Steal the show with this open lasagna with pumpkin and spinach

Unusually simple, yet quite refined. You can say that about this open lasagna as well as about the kitchen in which it is prepared: with Cloud Black...

Everyone will love this classic with a twist.

Very trendy: poké bowl with tuna, red cabbage and mango

Conjure up a bit of Hawaii onto your table. The trendy poké bowl - originally a Hawaiian recipe - is an extended version of sushi, in which a bowl of...

A trendy recipe to impress with

Invigorating and delicious: rhubarb raspberry lemonade

With its bright pink colour, this mocktail (or lemonade without alcohol, but with rhubarb and raspberries) provides a cool dip at any summer...

Enjoy a refreshingly simple aperitif!