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Very trendy: poké bowl with tuna, red cabbage and mango

Conjure up a bit of Hawaii onto your table. The trendy poké bowl - originally a Hawaiian recipe - is an extended version of sushi, in which a bowl of...

A trendy recipe to impress with

Invigorating and delicious: rhubarb raspberry lemonade

With its bright pink colour, this mocktail (or lemonade without alcohol, but with rhubarb and raspberries) provides a cool dip at any summer...

Enjoy a refreshingly simple aperitif!

Your new kitchen in 7 questions

Think, this is going to be your kitchen for the next few years. Finally the time has come: you’re about to build a brand new kitchen, or you’re...

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Which type of kitchen is perfect for you?

Do the test! Simple but practical, cosy and spacious or 100% high tech: the perfect kitchen for every kitchen prince(ss) 1. In your kitchen… a) …...

TEST: Which type of kitchen is perfect for you?