Novy Easy

Stylish cooktop with an integrated extractor

Novy Easy makes cooking easy

As the name suggests, Novy Easy makes cooking easy. This cooktop with an integrated extractor combines ample cooking space with a powerful extractor. The extractor is neatly concealed in the cooktop, and only the elegant lines of the exhaust grill are visible.

You can quickly switch on the Easy cooktop using the central controls. The 4 cooking zones and numerous functions make cooking exceptionally fast. Any steam produced during cooking is quickly discharged thanks to the optimized airflow and the automatic extraction function!


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Cook at your pace

The ample cooktop with integrated extractor provides 4 square cooking zones measuring 21 x 24 cm. You can change these into two ultra-powerful flexible zones, which give you all the space you need for cooking with small and large pans!

For the extractor system, you can choose between extraction of air outwards or recirculation. If you opt for recirculation, you can cook for up to 450 hours, corresponding to 2 to 3 years of cooking, before you need to replace the monoblock charcoal filter! Handy, don’t you think? Other forms of maintenance on your Novy Easy are also exceptionally fast and easy.

Why choose the Novy Easy?

Sleek design

completely flat cooktop and extractor unit


easy to maintain, the grease filter frame also serves as a safety tray

Huge amount of space

extra-large cooking surface with flexi zones

Cooking power

3000 W per cooking zone

Fits in any kitchen

opt for recirculation or extraction outwards

Choose your cooktop with integrated extractor

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