Food trends 2019

In your kitchen soon?

The Orient continues to inspire us (Sri Lanka, Burma, Japan), we’re obsessed with vegetables (yes, ‘ugly veggies’ too) and we want healthy, healthy, healthy!


3 Food trends that are simple and easy

1. The new food triangle

Vegetables are gaining importance in our dishes. Two or three different vegetables for dinner, prepared with fresh herbs and spicy flavourers are no exception these days. We skip meat and fish at least once a week. And honestly, that’s a healthy habit. Feel like putting this trend on your table? Try our delicious recipe for shiitake with miso and noodles.

Be creative with those veggies

Courgetti, pumpkin bread, yellow bell pepper marshmallows … and we also make room for the ugly veggies (vegetables with unusual shapes or colours), maybe in homemade vegetable chips, in soups or a puree. Just as long as we save them from the trash.

2. Healthy eating, healthy cooking

The attention for healthy eating engenders attention for healthy cooking techniques: Vegetables that are vapour cooked retain a lot more nutrients compared to vegetables that are stewed or boiled.

The grill plate is also a big help for healthier cooking, because grilling can be done without any fat or oil. Speaking of which: tried our Teriyaki salmon yet? Please do!



3. Vegan is THE trend of 2019

The Economist and The Guardian called 2019 “the year of the vegan”. True, dairy products are being replaced by vegetable substitutes: oat milk, soy, almond and rice drinks are now common fare on the breakfast table. And when cooking, aquafaba is a perfect alternative for egg white. Aqua-what? Aquafaba is the liquid chickpeas are preserved in.  

We prepared this delicious fluffy chocolate mousse using aquafaba!

Need help vapour cooking?

The worktop cooker hood Novy Panorama Pro offers many solutions if you want to use these cooking techniques.

Want your vegetables vapour cooked? Use the Power function to bring the water to a quick boil and then put in your steaming basket.

Fat free Grilling?

Novy developed a grill plate especially for use on an induction hob. The silicone feet protect the induction surface from scratches and unintended movements. Second, the ‘bridge’ or ‘grill’ function activates different cooking zones (even partially) in order to evenly heat the grill plate.

Yet another important trend

Maybe it is not trend but here to stay: environment-conscious living. In 2019 we’ll all go more sustainable. Really. Arguments like sustainability, eco-friendliness, small eco-footprint, recycling … will help steer our buying decisions.

Discover why Novy’s Pure 2.0 recirculation technology perfectly fits with this trend.