Cooker hood without extraction to the outside: Pure air thanks to Pure 3.0 recirculation technology

By choosing a cooker hood without extraction to the outside, you naturally save on your energy bill thanks to full heat recovery. The air is effectively purified and processed indoors by means of a naturally coated monoblock filter that eliminates even the strongest odours from the kitchen. This gives you a pleasant indoor climate without unnecessary removal of warm air to the outside.

4 steps to a pleasant indoor climate:

  • Silent, effective extraction
  • Efficient grease filtration
  • Purified air with heat recovery
  • 95 to 100% odour neutralisation, even strong fish odour


Novy cooker hoods that are not equipped with recirculation as standard can be provided with a Novy recirculation box in the ceiling or cabinet. Worktop cooker hoods are equipped with a Novy recirculation box in the plinth.


A Novy recirculation box in the ceiling or cabinet:



A Novy recirculation box in the plinth:


How does Novy Pure 3.0 recirculation work ?

Recirculation or exhaust to outside?

Each Novy model can be equipped with recirculation. In other words, there is unlimited choice and planning freedom to realise your ideal kitchen layout!

Keep in mind, however, that recirculation can only be used in homes with a ventilation system that can regulate the exhaust of moist air.

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