Novy Connect & Novy Sense

The future of cooking starts here

With Novy, you can enjoy the ultimate cooking experience. The driving force behind this is our innovative nature. Everything is connected together with Novy Connect and Novy Sense which takes user-friendliness to a whole new level.

Turn on the extractor, adjust the lights, or carry out maintenance on your Novy appliances... you can do all of this and more with your smartphone using the functions in the Novy Connect App!

Novy Connect En Novy Sense

You’re always up to date with Novy Connect

Novy Connect not only lets you connect your extractor and cooktop to each other; they also communicate with you! For instance, it’s easy to adjust your extractor via the cooktop, or a light will turn on to notify you when a filter needs cleaning.

The Novy Connect App takes this communication to the next level. Novy Connect will indicate which filter needs maintenance and it will tell you the best way to do this. You can also adjust the settings for the extractor and the lighting using the Novy Connect App.

Novy Sense - it's like a sixth sense

Novy Sense is controlled by a sensor in the extractor duct. Novy Sense detects VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and monitors air humidity. If the values increase, your extractor will automatically increase the extraction speed. For example, when your butter starts to fry in the saucepan, it will step up the extraction.

In other words, Novy Sense, as part of the Novy Connect App, enables the extraction to work automatically. You can also determine the sensitivity and power of your extractor, so you can cook exactly how you like. Novy Sense is currently available for all Pureline Pro models.

6 handy features of the Novy Connect App

Easily adjust the extraction level of your extractor

Set your preferred light intensity

Match the height of the extractor tower to the height of your pans (for Novy Panorama)

Novy App

Shop for the right monoblock filter and grease filter for your recirculating range hood

Keep a close eye on the air quality

Novy Sense technology for automatic extraction (for Pureline Pro)

How does the Novy Connect App work?

When you open the app, it automatically searches for the nearest Novy appliance. Then you can personalize the standard settings to your heart’s content for the ultimate cooking experience!

You can currently connect the app to various Novy products, but this technology does not yet come as standard on all our appliances. Our aim is to extend this ease of use across our entire range. The Novy Sense/Connect icon on our website shows you which appliances currently work with this technology.

Novy Sense

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