How do I reprogram the InTouch connection between my cooker hood and hob?

It is important to link the remote control to the cooker hood first. The step-by-step instructions for this can be found here

You can view the method for reprogramming the InTouch connection on the instruction video below or by following the step-by-step instructions below:


Step-by-step instructions for reprogramming the InTouch connection:

  1. Connect the hob to the mains.
  2. Simultaneously touch the on/off and lighting buttons on the induction hob until you hear a beep. The hob will now automatically search for a code. Wait until the light on the cooker hood flashes OR you hear about eight beeps from the cooker hood.
  3. Touch the lighting button on the induction hob until you hear a beep to confirm the link between the two appliances.
  4. You can now operate your cooker hood from your Novy induction hob. 



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