Monoblock carbon filter for efficient purification

Novy works with an advanced carbon filter: the monoblock. It has a clear added value in terms of efficient odour absorption and ease of use. The monoblock filter has a labyrinth structure to which spherical carbon particles are attached. This allows a maximum amount of odour to be absorbed while maintaining maximum efficiency.

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  • Structure on which spherical carbon particles are attached
  • The labyrinth structure ensures that a maximum amount of odour is absorbed with a limited loss of pressure and a maximum retention of efficiency.
  • The particles are also hydrophobic, so the monoblock continues to work in humid conditions.
  • The whole is not flammable.
  • The filter should only be regenerated once a year in the oven (for one hour at 110-120°C).
  • Predicted lifespan of 6 years.