Novy Phantom

Unique box-in-box design for a range hood above your kitchen island

Novy Phantom is eye-catching in your kitchen, that much is certain. The range hood is finished in light, transparent glass and has four corner spotlights that add life to its sleek design. The Phantom Frame has a subtle, industrial look, while the Phantom Cable elegantly hovers above the kitchen island. Which one is your favourite Phantom?

Each Novy Phantom is fitted as standard with recirculation, which gives you installation freedom and endless cooking pleasure! On the subject of cooking pleasure, you can set the light intensity of the dimmable cooking lighting. In this way, the Phantom range hood always lets you create the ideal atmosphere around the kitchen island.

7530 7530500 Phantom Cable Ceiling Plate

Why choose the Novy Phantom?

Novy Phantom offers high performance and creates an atmosphere


Exceptional design

The box-in-box design is the perfect balance between glass and metal. The delicate transparent glass encloses the black extractor and the atmospheric lighting gives the entire unit extra prestige.


Choose the look you want

Phantom comes in two unique versions. Phantom Frame creates an industrial look with its sleek frame, while Phantom Cable allows the extractor hood to float above the kitchen island on adjustable steel cables. Moreover, the Phantom Cable can also be equipped with a ceiling plate. Which one do you choose?


Powerful and silent

The perimetral extractor on this range hood is ideal above a kitchen island. It rapidly extracts cooking vapours, but you can hardly hear a thing. That's because the noise of the motor is muffled.


Integrated recirculation

Phantom is fitted as standard with recirculation. Odours and grease particles are filtered inside the unit and clear air is sent out into the kitchen. This guarantees optimum energy efficiency!


3 ways of lighting

The dimmable LED strips create an atmospheric, upwards diffuse light while the four corner spotlights add life to the box-in-box design. Furthermore, you can rely on the dimmable spotlights while you are cooking and even alter the colour intensity.


Intuitive controls

Why not use the remote control, the Novy Connect app or the built-in InTouch connection with your Novy hob? Control the Novy Phantom exactly the way you like. Simple and efficient!

The optimum range hood for any contemporary kitchen island

The Novy Phantom has everything you expect of an range hood above your kitchen island, and more. A unique design, recirculation, silent operation, atmospheric lighting … you name it, the Novy Phantom has it!

Novy Phantom Mineral Black features a matt, subtle black texture. This not only gives a special design effect, but also has a practical advantage. Find out all about it.

USP Novy Panorama

Frame or Cable? Novy Phantom will definitely be the eyecatcher in your kitchen. If you opt for the Phantom Cable, you also have the possibility to add a stylish ceiling plate.


USP Novy Panorama

It has smooth extraction thanks to its 3 speeds and the power function.


USP Novy Panorama

It benefits from energy efficiency with integrated recirculation.


USP Novy Panorama

Noise damping guarantees silent operation.


USP Novy Panorama

Stylish lighting on the range hood and the cooking surface.


USP Novy Panorama

Easy to look after thanks to the cleaning indicator for grease and the recirculation filter.

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Why choose Novy?

Novy, inspired by quality

At Novy, we're convinced that cooking is synonymous with pleasure. Thanks to our island range hoods, nothing will get in the way of your pleasure. Durable and silent motor, powerful recirculation technology and a designer finish in high-quality materials – there are many reasons to choose a Novy extractor hood above your kitchen island. The Phantom range stands out due to its box-in-box design and unique frame structure. This elegant recirculating extractor hood not only looks good, but it is also your perfect kitchen friend thanks to its high-performance perimetral extraction.

Novy has been committed to innovation, superior quality and exhaustive attention to craftsmanship since 1907. That is why we provide a 5-year guarantee on the entire Phantom range.

Discover the Phantom range

  • USP Phantom 7540 Width: 130 cm
  • USP Phantom 7540 Subtle frame for an industrial look
  • USP Phantom 7540 Integrated motor
  • USP Phantom 7540 LED lighting type
  • USP Phantom 7530 Width: 130 cm
  • USP Phantom 7530 Steel cable for a floating effect (ceiling plate possible)
  • USP Phantom 7530 Integrated motor
  • USP Phantom 7530 LED lighting type

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