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Black cooker hood
in stylish Mineral Black

The colour black is an excellent choice for any kitchen. It is timeless, sleek, and radiates style. Our new Mineral Black texture takes that concept to the next level to create the perfect black cooker hood. While some people might think of subtle colour variations as frivolous details, we tend to believe they are essential.

A black cooker hood in Mineral Black is matte and features a subtle texture. The result is an exceptional design option that comes with an extra practical benefit: Mineral Black is easy to maintain and hides fingerprints and scratches better than classic black does.

Pureline Pro Compact Detail

Hides fingerprints better

Your perfect black cooker hood

Many Novy cooker hoods are available in Mineral Black. As always, they are powerful and excel in silence, and now their refined new look can make for the finishing touch in your kitchen.

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