Novy designer lighting
for all types of kitchens

Novy offers unique designer lighting for kitchens, adding a magical touch. The innovative gesture control technology makes managing your kitchen lighting effortless. Simply use a hand gesture to switch the light on or off. Additionally, you can easily adjust the light's intensity and color. Novy promises modern fittings combined with unique technology, ensuring stylish lighting solutions suitable for all kitchen types.

Novy Shelf (Pro)

Minimalist shelves with integrated designer lighting along the top and bottom.

Novy Shelf gives you extra space for accessories and lets you easily create the light you need on your worktop. If you’d also like to set the position and width of the light beam, the Novy Shelf Pro is perfect for you!

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Novy Pendant

The Novy Pendant is a stylish designer pendant light and is a benefit in any kitchen. Looking for functional lighting above your kitchen island or table? How about indirect light along the top as an extra atmospheric element? The perfect experience is within easy reach.

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Novy Wall

This sleek wall lighting creates the perfect light setting at any time of the day. Optimal functional lighting while you cook up something special, which you can dim or even change to an atmospheric colour while you enjoy your delicious creations... With this smart lighting, all it takes is a single hand gesture.

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Direct the light with a simple hand gesture

  • Lights on & off

    Swipe left or right

  • Switch light balance

    Move your hand up or down

  • Adjusting the light beam

    Move your hands out or towards each other

Direct the light with a simple hand gesture

Lighting tailored to your kitchen

Novy's high-quality designer kitchen lighting is available as a wall element or as a hanging fixture. From functional light on your worktop, a designer lamp above your kitchen island to mood lighting for a cozy moment at the bar? So many applications, so many light objects!

Novy Shelf (Pro)

A stylish shelf, also available in the gesture-controlled Pro version. Available in 6 (Shelf Pro) or 8 sizes

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Novy Pendant

Next-generation hanging Pendant, stylish above a kitchen island to give light to both cooking and enjoyment. Available in 8 sizes

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