NOVY Cloud

Ceiling-mounted range hood with recirculation and refined looks

The clean lines of the Novy Cloud set the tone for its stylish design. These sleek looks go hand in hand with its extensive lighting features. Whether you set it to cooking mode or atmospheric lighting mode, our Cloud will always take you to seventh cooking heaven.

The ceiling-mounted range hood is equipped with recirculation as standard which gives you lots of freedom of installation. In addition, the Cloud mounts flush to the ceiling, so there is no need to cut any holes! This ceiling extractor hood also scores ten out of ten for performance. Its aerodynamic design silently and efficiently eliminates odours and grease. The Novy Cloud is practical and elegant!

Novy Cloud 230

Why choose the Novy Cloud?

The Novy Cloud is a sensational addition to your kitchen


Clean design

The elegant lines of the Novy Cloud have a striking simplicity. Furthermore, its rounded shape is not just a joy to look at. It also contributes to the efficient operation of this ceiling-mounted range hood with recirculation.



All Novy range hoods are extremely silent and efficient when in operation. Our Cloud is no different. Its two motors are ingeniously concealed in a silent body which means you can barely hear it while you are cooking.


Ceiling-mounted range hood with recirculation

The Cloud uses recirculation which means that odours and grease particles are filtered inside the unit and clean air is sent out into the kitchen. Its aerodynamic design ensures that any vapours flow smoothly towards the carbon and grease filters.



Lighting for every mood

The LED strips follow the contours of the Novy Cloud. You have full control of the light intensity and colour temperature (from 2,700 K to 5,000 K). Want to have stronger light while you are cooking or a warm glow afterwards? The choice is yours!


Sheer simplicity to install

Screw the Novy Cloud to the ceiling and the range hood is ready for use. There’s no need to cut holes in the ceiling so you enjoy the freedom to install it where you like! Please note, you should make sure there is an electrical supply and that the ceiling can sufficiently support the load.


At your own pace

Control the Novy Cloud exactly the way you like. Why not use the remote control, the Novy Connect app, or the built-in InTouch connection on your Novy hob to control your Novy Cloud? You can set the extraction power and light intensity in no time at all.

Your dream ceiling-mounted range hood with recirculation

Novy Cloud is a marvellous example of innovation. Its ingenious design means that the range hood has maximum performance, despite its small footprint.

Novy Cloud Mineral Black features a matt, subtle black texture. This not only gives a special design effect, but also has a practical advantage. Find out all about it.

USP Novy Panorama

You always have the right light intensity and temperature thanks to the cooking mode or atmospheric lighting mode.

USP Novy Panorama

Whether you choose classic black or white, the Cloud fits wonderfully into any kitchen.

USP Novy Panorama

The silent body encasing the motors means you can enjoy a chat while you are cooking.

USP Novy Panorama

This ceiling-mounted range hood is fitted as standard with recirculation. It gives you lots of freedom about where you can install it and you no longer need outward air extraction.

USP Novy Panorama

It has an installation height of just 6.9 in, and the maximum distance between the range hood and the hob is just 63 in. This means you get lots of freedom of movement while you cook!


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Why choose Novy?

Novy, inspired by quality

At Novy, we're convinced that cooking is synonymous with pleasure. Our ceiling-mounted range hoods mean nothing will get in the way of your pleasure. Durable and silent motor, powerful recirculation technology and a designer finish in high-quality materials – there are many reasons to choose a Novy ceiling-mounted range hood. The Cloud range stands out thanks to its ease of installation and extra atmospheric lighting. This stylish ceiling-mounted range hood with recirculation is the key to true cooking pleasure, day after day.

Novy has been committed to innovation, superior quality and giving exhaustive attention to craftsmanship ever since 1907. That’s why the entire Cloud range comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Discover the Cloud range

  • USP Cloud 230 Color: white
  • USP Cloud 230 Width: 110 cm
  • USP Cloud 230 Motor: integrated
  • USP Cloud 230 Adjustable light intensity and color warmth
  • USP Cloud 232 Color: black
  • USP Cloud 232 Width: 110 cm
  • USP Cloud 232 Motor: integrated
  • USP Cloud 232 Adjustable light intensity and color warmth

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