Gas hob:
for an authentic cooking experience

Every home cook secretly dreams of having a gas hob. After all, it allows you to cook in a traditional way and have precise control over the temperature. Novy gives you the ultimate cooking experience and a unique look. The gas burners are individually installed into your worktop. A real statement piece in your kitchen!




Gas or induction, why choose?

A Novy gas cooker isn’t just a traditional gas hob. We install each burner individually into your worktop. You can choose between 20 different configurations, from one to six burners. We tailor everything to your wishes and the design of your kitchen.

The precise flame control that comes with gas stoves is ideal for leaving stews to simmer on a low burner. Do you also want to cook something super fast? Combine it with an induction hob and get the best of both worlds.





Design your built-in hob

At Novy, you’ll find individual gas burners that you can combine however you like. Just choose the combination that best suits your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Gas Pro

From one to six burners. Fixed or adjustable. Make your dreams a reality and design your ideal built-in gas hob.

All gas burners

Gas hob vs. other hob types

With gas, you cook on a flame. You can raise or lower the flame in an instant to accurately adjust the cooking temperature for your dishes. That’s a big advantage, but an open flame can be hazardous in the kitchen. Do you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of gas and other hob types? 


Still not keen on gas?

Our catalogue has plenty of inspiration for excellent electric alternatives. Or browse our range of hobs online!

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