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The Novy Easy comes in three different variants. Discover the Easy range:

Novy Easy 90 Pro 1866

The Novy Easy Pro Prestige 1866 combines elegance with performance, thanks to its black powder-coated aluminum control knobs and the choice between recirculation or external exhaust. The spacious cooking surface includes 4 cooking zones with convenient functions, and is designed for both surface-mount and flush-mount installation. With an integrated, quiet motor and efficient airflow, this model provides a pleasant cooking experience. It includes a long-life monoblock cooking dust filter, is easy to maintain, and features a 30-minute lag mode for removing cooking fumes.

Novy Easy 80 Pro recirculation 1861

The name says it all, this worktop extractor has no return air to the outside but has a recirculation system. This means that the cooking air is filtered and blown back into the room. The air extraction is the biggest difference from the Easy Pro 1851. The Easy Pro recirculation features 4 cooking zones including 2 flex zones for when you need more space for your pan or grill. In addition, this model has several cooking functions such as automatic pan recognition, cooking timer, grill function, a keep-warm function and many more convenient features. The exhaust system has a lag setting that you can leave on for up to 30 minutes to remove the last cooking fumes and odors.

Novy Easy 80 Pro 1851

The Easy Pro 1851 is incredibly similar to the Novy Easy Pro 1861. The biggest differences are in the return air system. There are also minor differences in the trailing position of the extractor and minimal differences in the noise level. The Easy Pro 1851 has 4 cooking zones including 2 flex zones, just like the Pro 1861. The model has traditional air extraction to the outside. The functions of the Novy Easy 1851 are the same as those of the Novy Easy recirculation 1861. The trailing mode does differ; the Novy Easy 1851 draws off cooking fumes and odors for up to 10 minutes after cooking instead of 30 minutes.


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The Novy Easy makes cooking not only easy but also fun. This cooktop with built-in extractor blends beautifully into the decor of any kitchen. In addition, you do not have to think about placing a cooker hood in the ceiling or on the wall, because this cooker hood is fully integrated into the worktop. Would you like to see the Novy Easy in the store? We are happy to welcome you at one of the Novy outlets. Would you like to read all product specifications of the Novy Easy and other models? Download the Novy catalog here.

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