Novy venting hobs

Why go for a venting hob?

Venting hobs provide limitless freedom when it comes to the design of your kitchen. From kitchen islands to wall configurations, from one to five hotplates. The possibilities are endless! And above all: induction hobs with extraction are stylish and discreet, yet also highly functional. The cooker hood is integrated into the induction hob. Two birds with one stone. Easy to use and efficient.

What types of venting hobs are there?

Our range is both streamlined and high performing. You can choose between models with extractors at the back or in the middle of the hob. Some function with an extraction tower, others with an elegant grill. Discover the possibilities and make your choice.

Novy Panorama

Novy Panorama

This model represents functionality and style. The cooker hood design is integrated behind the hob. It is made of semi-transparent glass. The tower can be adjusted to a height of up to 30cm and guarantees optimal and silent extraction.

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Novy One

Novy One

With the One, the extractor is located in the middle of the worktop. Thanks to the discreet tilting valve, vapours are extracted directly from each hotplate.

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Novy Up

Novy Up

This induction hob with integrated extraction is very modular. You choose how many hotplates you want (between two and eight) and there’ll be a high-performing Up extraction hood in between every two plates.

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Novy Easy

Novy Easy

In this model, the extraction unit is covered by an elegant grill. When in use, nothing rises from the hob. You get a completely smooth, stylish finish for an enjoyable cooking experience!

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Pure for extraction with recirculation

Panorama, One, Up, and Easy can be installed without an external duct. To absorb cooking odours and vapours, we use our recirculation extraction technology. Developed in-house, our Pure technology uses a carbon filter that lasts for up to 900 hours of cooking. This means you only need to replace it every three to five years. And that is unique.

How does downdraft extraction work?

Curious to see how this piece of technology works? Or do you want to get better acquainted with our various hobs with built in extractor? These videos will show you the way.

Want to buy a venting hob?

Do you want a sleek induction hob with extractor in your designer kitchen? If so, Novy has what you’re looking for. Find inspiration in our catalogue or head to a shop near you. There, you’ll get professional advice to help you find a solution that’s perfect for your cooking needs.

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