Novy hobs

How to choose a hob

Novy hobs come in a variety of designs and with plenty of great technical features. For example, you can touch control the hob or link hotplates. At Novy, we also put a lot of thought into the design. This means you’ll be able to find the hob that’s right for you so you can enjoy every moment in your kitchen.

What types of hobs are there?

Is cooking one of your passions or do you avoid the stove at all costs? All our hobs are intuitive, making them very user friendly. From traditional gas burners to an innovative induction hob with extraction, our wide range guarantees you’ll find the hob that’s the best fit for your cooking style.

Kookplaat met afzuiging

Hob with extractor

A hob with an extractor consists of various hotplates which you can link together if you like for convenient cooking. The hob also has an integrated cooker hood. Ideal for anyone who loves a sleek look.

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Induction hob

Induction hobs guarantee fast and efficient cooking. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain. The hob always heats up quickly, and built-in features like automatic pot detection and a keep-warm function make it the perfect sous chef.

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Kookplaat op gas

Gas hob

Do you like cooking in a traditional way? If so, you’ve probably got a soft spot for gas. The Novy gas burners are something special, and can be mounted directly to your worktop, exactly how you want them. Are you brave enough to go for this unique look?

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Extra features of Novy hobs

All our induction hobs come with a standard built-in timer. Some even offer a grill function too.

Thanks to the InTouch function on many of our models, you can also control the cooker hood from the hob. Ideal for those who want to be able to quickly shift gears in the kitchen.

Check out our handy tips

Do you want to turn on your cooker hood using InTouch? Quickly bring water to the boil using the power function? Tips on how to keep your hob spick and span? Our how-to videos will show you the way!


Make your choice

Ready for the cherry on top in your kitchen? Leaf through our catalogue and take the test. After all, Novy has a high-quality hob for every type of kitchen and cook. Would you prefer some personal advice? Head to your local shop.

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