Pureline Pro

Attractively lit
designer cooker hood

Atmosphere and efficiency

Ever thought of adding atmosphere to your kitchen with a designer cooker hood? Our Pureline Pro makes that possible! Thanks to its integrated, slimline LED strip, you always have the necessary light intensity and warmth during and after cooking. But that’s not all – this ceiling cooker hood brings together efficiency and ease of use. When the Novy Sense Sensor detects extra cooking steam and odours, the cooker hood automatically steps up the power. We are firmly convinced that the Novy Pureline Pro combines the best of both worlds in a single designer cooker hood!

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Designer cooker hood
with LED strips

Whether you set it to cooking mode or atmospheric lighting mode, the Pureline Pro always creates the right tone. The designer cooker hood has adjustable light intensity and colour warmth (2700 K to 5000 K). Thanks to the wide range of choices and the built-in dimmers, you can always perfectly adjust the LED strips for the right atmosphere. The lighting is smoothly integrated and gives a stylish result. t.

Your designer cooker hood on autopilot

With the Pureline Pro, you can rely on maximum efficiency and exceptionally silent operation. The automatic speed control ensures that the designer cooker hood always functions optimally. If Novy Sense Sensor detects extra odours or steam, the cooker hood will automatically step up the power. This leaves you to concentrate entirely on your top-class dish!

Of course, it’s also a breeze to adjust the designer cooker hood yourself. Whether you prefer to adjust it using the Novy Connect Application or by remote control, the choice is yours!

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Pureline Pro in a nutshell


Novy Sense Sensor

automatic speed control


Top marks for atmosphere

the right light intensity and warmth at any time of the day


Top performance

incredibly silent, maximum efficiency

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Fits everywhere

available with extraction or recirculation


Easy to control

Novy Connect app, remote control, or InTouch in the hot plate

Two versions of the designer cooker hood

The Pureline Pro designer cooker hood comes in two versions. For anyone with less space, the Pureline Pro Compact is indispensable. Its compact motor only requires an installation height of 19.5 cm. Since the motor can rotate in various directions, it adapts smoothly.

On the other hand, the Pureline Pro has a Cubic motor that can rotate in all directions and optimally adapts to the situation. Furthermore, the motor does not need to be fitted near to the designer cooker hood!

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