A cooker hood as a quiet, high-performance force in the kitchen

It is nowadays difficult to imagine an interior without an open-plan kitchen. They are central meeting places, where the whole family comes together to cook, live and relax. For Koen Pauwels and Wim Van der Vurst of i.s.m.architecten, the kitchen is a world in itself, and the installed appliances are also an integral part. Their favourite is the NOVY Pureline, a versatile range of discreet ceiling cooker hoods that help define the design with their quiet and invisible power.

The kitchen becomes a meeting place

The architects work out total projects, in which the interior fits seamlessly with the architecture, and vice versa. When designing a home, all spaces receive equal attention. It is often the kitchen that receives the most care, however. This is mainly due to the importance that the residents themselves attach to it. As the kitchen has evolved from a purely functional room to a meeting place, it is planned to be central in the house. The structure is open and there is a direct connection with the living room. Koen and Wim point out the relevance of aesthetics and comfort in the kitchen: "Aesthetics are important because the space is less closed off. It acts as a continuous 'backdrop' of the living space. Comfort is also becoming more and more essential, with user- and maintenance-friendly built-in appliances that have become a part of the overall design through their look, colour and material."

Versatile Purline ceiling cooker hood, good for any design

For one of their most striking kitchen realisations, the duo opted for a cooker hood from NOVY's Pureline range. Its popularity with the architects is mainly due to its design, with fine, pure lines, and versions in white, black and stainless steel. NOVY is a pioneer in the field of ceiling cooker hoods that are so sophisticated and versatile that they can be incorporated almost invisibly into any kitchen design. For this kitchen, i.s.m.architecten were consciously looking for a discreet cooker hood that would not divert attention from the natural stone used for the worktop and the back wall. The stone is the absolute eye-catcher, whose purple, pink and grey shades inspired the rest of the finish in the kitchen: "The natural stone has such a dominant presence, as both a work surface and a work of art, that we carried out the rest of the space in a soft colour palette. The built-in appliances also have a subtle design." Hence their choice of the stainless steel Pureline, with an aerodynamic technology that harmoniously matches the grey tones of the niche and the cabinets.

Discover Pureline ceiling cooker hood, good for any design


Powerful and quiet

Pureline not only scores highly in terms of design and versatility. The performance also catches the eye, and the cooker hoods are easy to install. In addition, they are equipped with a high extraction force, ideal for bridging large distances of up to 1.60 m between the hob and the cooker hood. Powerful devices make a lot of noise. But with an integrated, sound-dampening motor or a remote indoor motor, they don't disappoint in that respect either. The Pureline is one of the quietest and most powerful ceiling appliances on the market. Silence is important if you like to cook and also want to entertain guests at the same time. Low-noise, built-in appliances are essential in open kitchens that are directly connected to the living space. NOVY's cooker hoods are extremely efficient, and so discreet that you forget that they are there. They stand out through their subtlety.


Integrated LED lightning

Another handy thing about the Pureline is the integrated, dimmable LED lighting. The architects had the following to say about this: "The fact that the device is equipped with functional and atmospheric lighting is a plus. It meant that we didn't have to provide an extra light source in the niche above the cooking range." The remote control allows you to vary the colour temperature of the four embedded spots from neutral white to warm white. And, depending on the vapour formation during cooking, you can determine the speed of the motor. The Pureline is therefore not only an effective cooker hood. It’s also a handy light source and mood maker. The combination of aesthetics with comfort make it indispensable in the kitchen.


NOVY product guide helps you on the way

Koen Pauwels and Wim Van der Vurst of i.s.m.architecten chose a NOVY Pureline 6830 because they love:

  • innovative technology
  • a refined design
  • the wide range of possibilities
  • the combination of power and silence

Do you still have doubts about your choice of style? Then let the NOVY product guide help you. It's a handy tool that helps you find the right cooker hood or hob to suit your kitchen in just a few steps.


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