Make your island extractor a real mood-maker

Today’s kitchen is more than just the place where meals are cooked. It’s the heart of the home, a welcoming place for chatting, laughing and spending time with friends and family. An open kitchen with an island is perfect for all this. But what about the extractor?

An extractor above an island doesn’t have to spoil the vibe. Novy has developed the Mood range as the ultimate proof that an extractor can also look good. An efficient designer island extractor that combines the functionality of an extractor with atmospheric lighting.

Why Novy Mood?

Efficient extractor and mood-maker all in one

Refined design

Together with product designer David Pas we’ve created a beautiful eye-catcher that’s just right for an open kitchen with island. With its minimalist design, the Novy Mood is both practical and attractive. The best of both worlds.

Quiet as a whisper

Novy extractors are renowned for their silent efficiency – they’re designed to be quieter than your cooking. The Mood island extractor removes odours and fumes particularly noiselessly thanks to its built-in silencer and acoustic optimisation.

Standard recirculation

The integrated carbon filters with their unique coating absorb unpleasant odours and fumes and return the purified air to the kitchen. This recirculation technology makes extraction to the outside unnecessary and gives you great freedom in the design of your kitchen.

Smart technology

The Novy Mood adapts to you. It’s easy to control the extraction power and the light’s warmth and intensity using the remote control or the integrated InTouch connection in your Novy hob. Time for a clean? The extractor will indicate this itself.

Discreet eye-catcher

The Novy Mood is available in a white, black or steel look finish, so you can adapt it to the style of your home. With a design consisting of two unique shells, this extractor is a discreet eye-catcher.

Extractor and lighting in one

As well as being a highly efficient island extractor, Mood also provides atmospheric lighting. With the remote control you can easily adjust the intensity and warmth of the light to your current requirements. A real mood-maker!

Novy Mood:
energy-efficient and atmospheric

For the Mood island extractor, Novy has pulled out all the stops: a top-quality Belgian product, innovative design, comprehensive ease of use and the latest technologies. Because life is so much more than just cooking.

USP Novy Panorama

With Mood, Novy gives you energy efficiency: high-quality LED strips and reduced heat loss through recirculation.

USP Novy Panorama

Adjust the light intensity and warmth yourself with the remote control or via the InTouch connection in your hob.

USP Novy Panorama

Extraction to the outside is unnecessary thanks to innovative recirculation technology and carbon filters with a unique coating.

USP Novy Panorama

With this all-in-one high-performance extractor and mood-maker, you can cook with peace of mind.

USP Novy Panorama

Novy Mood combines comprehensive Novy quality with design: a sustainable investment for your kitchen.


Why Novy?

Novy, inspired by quality

At Novy we firmly believe that cooking should be a pleasure. And that requires efficient fume extraction. A durable and quiet motor, unique extraction technology, a designer finish in high-end materials and extremely efficient odour removal: there are plenty of reasons to opt for a Novy island extractor. The Mood range combines all these advantages with a beautiful design and attractive appearance. Making the extractor above your island strikingly inconspicuous and ensuring endless cooking pleasure.

At Novy, we have been committed to innovation, superior quality and consistent craftsmanship since 1907. That’s why we give a 5-year warranty on the entire Mood range.

Discover the Mood range

  • USP Mood 7550 Color: white
  • USP Mood 7550 Width: 108 cm
  • USP Mood 7550 Integrated motor
  • USP Mood 7550 LED lighting type
  • USP Mood 7552 Color: black
  • USP Mood 7552 Width: 108 cm
  • USP Mood 7552 Integrated motor
  • USP Mood 7552 LED lighting type
  • USP  Mood 7555 Color: steel look
  • USP  Mood 7555 Width: 108 cm
  • USP  Mood 7555 Integrated motor
  • USP  Mood 7555 LED lighting type

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Maybe Mood is not the solution for your kitchen, but you’re definitely looking for a decorative island extractor?

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