Innovative, harmonious and bold: these are the kitchen trends for 2024

The kitchen remains the epicentre of the home. We rather speak of a living kitchen, where cosiness and functionality come together. It is therefore not surprising that you pay a lot of attention to a stylish kitchen. Are you curious about the latest kitchen trends? We have listed them for you for 2024:

1. Soft or natural colours in the kitchen

This year as well, we see a return to soft and warm colours that exude optimism, comfort and a relaxed mood. Like working tone-on-tone with earthy, natural tones and textures. Beige and taupe are often seen together in kitchens, creating a harmonious mix of warm and cold tones.

To maintain visual tranquillity, opt for a ceiling extractor hood from the Pureline range. These ceiling extractor hoods are, amongst other colours available in white. As a result, they perfectly match the light tones and soft colours and materials of the interior.




Even in 2024, the presence of nature, both in materials and colours, can no longer be ignored in kitchens. We see the colour green increasingly in kitchens these past few years. Green kitchen fronts, but also plants, are popular. Or how about cupboards in dark wood tones, such as the 'chic' walnut. These are colours that bring peace and calm to your kitchen.



Groene keuken

2. Sustainable kitchen design

Not only natural colours are a trend, but a green lifestyle is increasingly important for many people. It is impossible to imagine everyday life without sustainability, so it plays an essential role in the kitchen too.

Our Novy cooker hoods and vented hobs are designed so that the extracted air returns indoors in a purified way and, as a result, saves energy. Find out exactly how this ingenious recirculation technology works.


Wondering why induction is the most sustainable way to cook? Take a look at our blog on induction cooking. We also give you 5 more tips on sustainable cooking.

3. Bold styles: no combination is too crazy

Whereas in the previous trend we looked for soft, neutral tones within a minimalist kitchen, this year the bold, eclectic style is also returning. How about a green veined marble kitchen worktop combined with wooden kitchen cabinets? Or a stainless steel kitchen worktop with natural stone on the wall.

Already seen our Mineral Black cooker hoods? These have a subtle texture that gives a special design effect. Include these in your eclectic mix of colours, materials and textures. The sky is the limit!


4. Smart lighting

A stylish home is nothing without atmospheric light. A statement lamp is a must for your kitchen. Create the optimal atmosphere with this Novy Pendant, for instance. You can easily switch the light between functional and atmospheric light, all by one simple gesture.
Read more about our innovative, gesture-controlled lighting fixtures.

5. Handleless kitchen with ceiling-high cabinets

Part of the minimalist kitchen in 2024 are handleless kitchens combined with ceiling-high cabinets. This is because these keep the kitchen calm and uncluttered. The statement pieces and material choices thus get the attention they deserve. The stylish Pureline Pro cooker hood with integrated slimline LED strip integrates seamlessly into this type of kitchen design.



Plenty of inspiration with the kitchen trends of 2024? Then check out our range of Novy products on the website or pay a visit to your nearest Novy outlet.


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