Novy extractor hoods

Looking to buy an extractor hood? Discovery the quality of Novy

At Novy, you’ve come to the right place for extremely powerful extractor hoods that operate silently. We place great importance on the design of our extractor hoods so there is always one that will combine well with your kitchen. Discover the many possibilities of Novy extractor hoods!

Types of extractor hoods

Your choice of an extractor hood depends on the layout of your kitchen. You will find your perfect extractor hood in our range, whether you are looking for an extractor hood that floats above your kitchen island, or a compact built-in extractor hood. You can choose between extraction of air outwards or recirculation. In this way, the extractor hood keeps pace with your requirements!

Ceiling extractor hoods

As the name suggests, this extractor hood is integrated neatly in the ceiling or in a decorative alcove. You can choose from various designs and sizes.

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Built-under and built-in extractor hoods

A built-under extractor hood fits neatly under your uppermost kitchen cupboards. It means you do not lose storage space and you can still cook optimally thanks to the high extraction efficiency!

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Decorative island extractor hoods

This extractor hood combines stylish looks with extremely powerful operation. This kind of extractor hood adds aesthetic value to your kitchen and attracts attention above your kitchen island.

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Downdraft extractors

A downdraft extractor is a powerful extractor hood and hob all in one. The extractor hood is concealed in the worktop and can only be seen when it is switched on.

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Wall-mounted extractor hoods

Whether this extractor hood is freely positioned on the wall, or fitted snugly between two cupboards, it goes well on any wall. Would you prefer a striking design, or are you more a fan of a minimalist look?

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Personalise your extractor hood

We are convinced that an extractor hood should blend in nicely with your interior. That is why you can choose different versions for each type of extractor hood. Are you looking for a 90 cm extractor hood, or would you prefer a compact, 60 cm extractor hood? Everything is possible, even a generously sized extractor hood measuring 120 cm! You’re also spoilt for choice in terms of colours, from classic stainless steel to a trendy extractor hood in black or white.

Furthermore, not only does your Novy extractor hood add elegance to your interior, it also boosts your culinary experience. Since you can control your extractor hood using InTouch from your Novy hob, hard to reach buttons or unfindable remote controls are a thing of the past! .

Smart tips about extractor hoods

Would you like to see an extractor hood in the worktop in action? Or are you looking for practical tips for adjusting the automatic extraction to your preferences? Find out more by watching our videos about extractor hoods!

Buy your perfect extractor hood

Are you unsure about the best extractor hood to buy? Take a look through the catalogue and you will find the ideal extractor hood for your kitchen in no time! For personalised advice about the various extractor hoods, you can naturally also contact a local dealer!

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