5 reasons for choosing a Novy induction hob

A hob using induction has many advantages: it’s safe, it’s easy to clean and it gives you optimum temperature control. As a result, cooking with induction is increasingly becoming the norm in today’s kitchen.

As a specialist, Novy has developed a wide range of high-tech induction hobs. We have been committed to innovation, superior quality and consistent craftsmanship since 1965.

1. Great use of use

Induction hobs are easy to clean. Just use a little water and detergent, and the glass plate is clean again in an instant. The boil-over protection also prevents cooking residues from getting baked on. What’s more, Novy hobs offer a whole host of useful features, such as the keep-warm function and automatic pan detection. Intuitive operation with touch control and an innovative slider function ensure real cooking pleasure.

2. Fast and energy-efficient

An induction hob heats up and cools down very quickly. With the handy Power/SuperPower function you can quickly bring a large quantity of water to the boil, for example to cook pasta. What’s more, because all the heat goes straight to the pan, much less energy is wasted than with a conventional hob. And that means lower energy consumption.

3. Safe

Induction works by means of a magnetic field, so the heat’s only there while the pan is on the hob. The hob switches off automatically when you take the pan off. With the Stop & Go function, you can temporarily interrupt your cooking, for example if you get a phone call or someone comes to the door unexpectedly.

4. Sleek design

Novy induction hobs are characterised by sleek design and minimalist serigraphy. In the Pro and Power ranges, the controls only light up when they’re in use. Does your kitchen have an island? If so, a decorative island extractor is a stylish solution that enhances the sleek design with an absolute eye-catcher.

5. Smart technology

At Novy we keep a close eye on the latest trends. We’re constantly investing in innovation and the development of a new generation of products that will set the tone for the future. Operating your extractor from your Novy hob is easy with the InTouch function, you can connect your cooking zones with the Bridge function, or you can go for an induction hob with integrated worktop extraction.

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1778 Pro Black 88Cm Ambient 01

Novy induction hobs are characterised by a sleek design with minimal serial graphics. With the Pro and Power ranges it only lights up when it is in use.

1778 Pro Hob Chef Function Detail

In addition to the arsenal of useful functions, it is pleasant to cook with its intuitive operation. These consist of a combination of touch control and slider control.

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